What better way to launch this story collection site than telling it’s own story. This one was done as a screencast with Loom, where you can make recordings up to five minutes of screencasts for free with an easy to use web-based screen recorder.

I think this is an ideal way to tell a web site story as you can give a guided tour. But because this site is a SPLOTbox, you have options to share a story as a YouTube/Vimeo video, audio from SoundCloud, Vocaroo, or AudioBoom. os using images from Flickr and even animated GIFs from Giphy.

But wait, there is more! You could also upload a recorded audio file or an image and add details here in the description field.

But wait, there is even more! The SPLOTbox offers a way to record audio directly into the site, maybe the easiest way to tell your story.

But wait, there is yet much more! If you are a BC educator or student you can make a copy of this SPLOT Box theme to use as a media collection hosted here on the OpenETC.

We want your stories! It is a way to show others in the community what is possible, and is one of many small ways you can give back to our co-op in exchange for providing you a no cost platform free of commercial privacy ad tracking snooping. Telling your site’s story is of value here.

Media Description: An almost 5 minute screencast of Alan describing the OpenETC in action site and demonstrating the many ways media stories can be added.

Shared by: Alan Levine @cogdog

Reuse License: CC0 No Rights Reserved