As part of a presentation at the  OER2o virtual conference, Brian Lamb and Anne-Marie Scott shared their perspectives, in the time of COVID-19, on open educational technology and OpenETC.

Originally the plan was to present “case studies and approaches that make OEP easier to support and be more sustainable, and that promise new means of collaboration, sharing, reuse and innovation”. Since then, the mass pivot to online has been a largely necessary retreat to a limited and conservative set of learning technologies and so this talk considers how the OpenETC and it’s particular affordances might need to respond to that. As it turns out, the OpenETC focus on rich turnkey solutions, spaces for rapid distributed collaboration, all underpinned by an ethos of sharing might be just exactly what’s needed. At the end of the recording, a Canadian rock legend has recorded a “pop up” album about open ed tech, and we have an exclusive preview to share! Recorded March 29, 2020.

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Download "Case Studies in Open: Supporting OEP through OSS"

Media Description: Recorded for the OER20 conference, Anne-Marie Scott and Brian Lamb check in on the state of open ed tech and OpenETC in the age of COVID-19

Shared by: Tannis Morgan

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