April 22, 2021 is premiere for this collection of stories as a presentation for the OERxDomains21 conference by Tannis Morgan and Alan Levine.

In this presentation we will share the stories of instructors sharing, in their own voice, how OpenETC platforms are used to enable their open education practices. The OpenETC provides open source educational technology services to teachers and students at post-secondary institutions in British Columbia, Canada. Operating via a cooperative-type model of “contributions, not contracts” the OpenETC offers more than services, but also a community space for advancing our flavor of “Free Range Open EdTech.”

As adoption of OpenETC services grows, we have been curating exciting examples of OpenETC in action. Through the addition of Alan Levine as OpenETC community coordinator, in 2021 we opened a SPLOTbox site (OpenETC in Action, 2021) to collect stories from instructors about their experiences in engaging in open education practices with the OpenETC. This presentation will share some of these stories and examples of OEP in action, providing an opportunity for discussion around the question: Do open education practices require open edtech?

Open EdTech Cooperative = “Free Range EdTech”


Shared ownership, shared support

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Platforms Offered







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“Contributions, not Contracts”

Mattermost community for the OpenETC


Game of Thrones, Medievalism, and Breaking the LMS chain

Dana Wessell Lightfoot

My Experiences Creating HIST 493

Benjamin Bryce

“ComixED”: Stick figure comics teach about everyday research

Jessica Motherwell McFarlane

Mattermost in Courses (2 stories)

Screen shots of student message atop the UVIC Mattermost area
UVIC EDCI 336 Student perspective https://openetc.opened.ca/2021/122/

Using Mattermost as Class Hub

Clint Lalonde

OpenETC Stories


A Question and Profound Thought

Do open education practices require open edtech?

from our abstract!

“If you can build platforms to extract from the academy you can build them to benefit the academy.

If you can select platforms that enclose teaching and learning, you should be able to select platforms that enable more openness in teaching and learning.”

Anne-Marie Scott and Tannis Morgan in discussions yesterday!