Please listen to my attached audio recording of me describing how we use stick figure comics in our Introduction to Research Methods course for 2nd year law enforcement study learners at the JIBC. It will be helpful to also browse through the site ( while listening along.

Here are my ComixED instructions for how to create and post the stick figure comics.

Here is how you post your comic. It is easy and fast once you practice.

  1. CREATE your comic
  2. SCAN your comic
  3. TRANSFER your comic to your computer
  4. GO TOΒ
  5. CLICK on “Collect” (Think of comic book “collecting”)
  6. TITLE you comic (short and fun or serious)
  7. CHOOSE your comic from your computer
  8. ADD a description of what is going on in your computer.
  9. AUTHOR type the first three letters of your preferred name/nickname with 2020. (E.g., ALI2020, PRA2020, STU2020, ELA2020, etc.). That way you are anonymous, we can still find your comic while you tell us about it, and we know you took this course in 2020.
  10. LICENSE Choose whatever option you wish. I usually choose Creative Commons with attribution.
  11. PREVIEW to make sure the post is going to look the way you like
  12. SHARE NOW Ta-da! You did it — published your comic. Well done.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or need encouragement for how to use “ComixEd” in your own class.

Download "“ComixED”: Stick figure comics teach about everyday research"

Media Description: This is a voice recording of me telling the story about how I used stick figure comics in an "Introduction to Research Methods" course to help learners attach personal meanings to research concepts

Shared by: Jessica Motherwell McFarlane, Ph.D.

Reuse License: CC BY Creative Commons By Attribution